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Event links will take you to Line Dance Event sites where Event Directors provide information on the upcoming Line Dance Event they have scheduled.

Line Dance Events usually last several days and lessons generally range from easy to intermediate to advanced. The lessons are taught all day long by popular local, nationwide or worldwide choreographers. You may find yourself taking a lesson from a choreographer whose dances you already enjoy dancing!

Don't expect to learn every dance taught... Demos of the dances are normally scheduled so you can pick and choose the lessons that look interesting to you. Even at that your brain and feet may be boggled by all you've learned and after the event ends you can go home and focus on the ones you learned and request your instructor to reteach it at their class.

Line Dance Websites

Line dance websites may contain information about worldwide line dancing info or dance info for a specific area or region and are created and maintained by the site owner or a website design publishing business.




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