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Friday March 13th Photos

Pictures from our latest Friday Night Fund Raiser dance, with captions by yours truly.  Of course, there's always more photos than I have witty captions for, so the rest of the evening's photos can be found here.

All the dance photos are also links to the full size photos and
should open in a new tab or window if you click on it.


The theme this month was....
"Go For The Green!"

The cold winter air...

seems to have stricken
some dancers more than others.

It's never for me <sigh>...

This time it was because
the heat finally kicked in!

Someone thought they heard...

a knock at the door.

One of our dancers tried to remind us...

keep some distance between you
and the dancer next to you.

Another dancer took it upon herself

To actually check the distance
between two of our dancers.

One of our dancers said we danced so hard...

She could feel the heat rising from the floor!

The advanced end wanted more space...

They got the "Stay Back" signal.

It's always nice...

When someone points out
a sticky spot on the floor.

As you can see...

They run the gauntlet!

The three way in the back got together...

To vote on whether or not one of the dancers
screwed up the last dance.

I don't know how the vote turned out...

Pat, myself and the "Die Hards"... hope to see you at our next fund raiser!



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