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Friday November 3rd Photos

Pictures from our latest Friday Night Fundraiser dance, with captions by yours truly.  Of course, there's always more photos than I have witty captions for, so the rest of the evening's photos can be found here.

All the dance photos are also links to the full size photos and
should open in a new tab or window if you click on it.




21 of us danced the night away!

The total raised for 2017... $1835!
Pat and I really appreciate your OML fund raiser support!!


The theme this month was
very useful!


I guess I started with a dance
one dancer wasn't crazy about...

She spent her time reading a banner instead.

Dancer's like to help each other
by pointing to the next wall
when someone is confused...

in this case up is confusing!

Right after we started this dancer was...

especially bright and cheerful!

One dancer stepped on a
wad of gum on the floor...

She struggled to get her foot free...
and it finally popped free!

Some dancers like to finish the dance
with a nice pose...

I guess a smally curtsy is as good as it gets!

Line dancing is all about doing the same thing
at the same time...

and the keeping the line straight...

even if it's a little twisted!

Spontaneous praise...

I thought it was for me...

but it wasn't.

Remember our especially
bright and cheerful dancer?

Here she is an hour later...
She looks like she's asleep!

For a long time we've had a big hump
in the middle of our dance floor..

This dancer tried to "heal" it...

(It's still there...)

It was getting late in the evening but I finally managed to play a dance he knew...

Now he looks happy!

43 Dances later!

Pat, myself and the "Die Hards"... hope to see you at our next fund raiser!



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