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Friday July 7th Photos

Pictures from our latest Friday Night Fundraiser dance, with captions by yours truly.  Of course, there's always more photos than I have witty captions for, so the rest of the evening's photos can be found here.

All the dance photos are also links to the full size photos and
should open in a new tab or window if you click on it.


We were honored to have a very special guest with us!

And no...
It isn't the one on the right.
(She's just a normal person... kind of...)

20 of us danced the night away!

The total raised for 2017... $1140.00!
Pat and I really appreciate your OML fund raiser support!!


The theme this month was
varity is the spice of life...


Sometimes dancers...

Need a little help with the steps.
(Yep, that would be the ones they forgot!)


the memory loss was only temporary
and when the music played later
all was well.

A good sense of direction

is always a plus!

Except when it's missing.

I do wonder if a missing sense of direction,

can be contagious?

A dancer pointed out a rather
large stain on the carpet...

I had to explain several times...
I didn't do it!

It was pretty hot Friday.
Someone said it might be cooler outside.

They all raced for the door...

Because it was so hot I asked 'em
if they were going to make it
to the end of the night...

They showed me how strong they really were!

I'm guessing the two in front were
doing a dance I never taught...

I think it's called "The Stroll".

Here's another dance I never taught...

"Zombi Zoom"
Not much zooming going on from what I can see!


another spot on the floor.

I think the heat finally got to them...

I said whoever caught the bouquet
would get in free next month.

Yep... you got it.
There was no bouquet!

44 Dances later!

Pat, myself and the "Die Hards"... hope to see you at our next fund raiser!



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