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Friday November 2nd Photos

Pictures from our latest Friday Night Fund Raiser dance, with captions by yours truly.  Of course, there's always more photos than I have witty captions for, so the rest of the evening's photos can be found here.

The 2018 Friday Fund Raiser total raised to date for the Oxnard Moose Lodge

All the dance photos are also links to the full size photos and
should open in a new tab or window if you click on it.



It's always our pleasure to see our special guest and friend at the dance!

And to welcome back another great member of our dancing family!


The theme this month was....

I'm gonna do it...

I'm gonna try putting big numbers on the walls!

I played...
I Close My Eyes...

And she really did!

One person praying...
and two spreading their healing hands...

The floor ended up in
the best shape it's ever been in!

I hated to get behind schedule...

But I restarted the dance anyway!

You can tell by the smug smile...

she hasn't made a mistake all night!

They had to lean into the wind to stay upright...

I still don't know who turned the fans on high.

Someone tossed a plate of the special
"Crispy Fries"
into the air...

It's easy to see who was still hungry!


This was not a good night
for keeping track of which
wall was the next one...

If you heard about the
Carnival ship tipping...,

I want you to see some people
who thought they were on it!

If laughter is the best medicine...

This dancer will never be sick!

44 Dances later!

Pat, myself and the "Die Hards"... hope to see you at our next fund raiser!



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