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Friday March 9th Photos

Pictures from our latest Friday Night Fund Raiser dance, with captions by yours truly.  Of course, there's always more photos than I have witty captions for, so the rest of the evening's photos can be found here.

The 2018 Friday Fund Raiser total raised to date for the Oxnard Moose Lodge

All the dance photos are also links to the full size photos and
should open in a new tab or window if you click on it.


The theme this month was...
too hard to figure out!

For at least one dancer...

getting started might have been
a little bit of a problem..

One of our dancers figured out...

If you want a little more room to yourself...

Keep your arms straight out from your sides!

It's always great to have visitors
from a distant land...

I just wasn't expecting a leprechaun!

Applause for the DJ is always appreciated...

This was for the kitchen crew...

Uhhh Ohhh...

This mistake could have
resulted in a serious injury...

Fortunately, a little bobbing and weaving
by the dancers kept everyone safe!

Neck stretches before dancing is always a plus...

For some that arrive a little late, neck stretching
and dancing at the same time works for them.

Here's what happens if you play Sawyer Brown's
"The Race Is On"...

By mistake.
(I didn't think they could move that fast!)

Some Dancers smile when they see
the camera pointed in their direction...

Some don't.

Well, I won't do that again...

Leaving a leaking tube of Super-Glue
laying around for people to pick up
is not a good idea.

45 Dances later!

Pat, myself and the "Die Hards"... hope to see you at our next fund raiser!



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